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"An adventure is something that has endless starting points, but it is the spirit of adventure itself that begins them all."   - Jeffrey Bowman, The Outsiders

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The teardrop!
Starting the fire on a foggy morning

Starting the fire on a foggy morning

Testing our hand built Teardrop Trailer

EDIT: This teardrop trailer was sold in March 2018.

Scott (our logistics master) is happiest when on an adventure or working with his hands. Behind the scenes he's been building a teardrop trailer from scratch. It's nearing completion so, before finalising the kitchenette design, we hit the road for a night to try it out!

Very soon this self-sufficient teardrop trailer will be available to hire for your own adventures! It only weighs 400kg so even a VW Beetle could tow it... all you'll need is a towball.

Stay tuned for photos once it's completed!