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"An adventure is something that has endless starting points, but it is the spirit of adventure itself that begins them all."   - Jeffrey Bowman, The Outsiders

Dot the Airstream's renovation progress

We have just started work on renovating Dot the Airstream, our 1952 Flying Cloud.

We have now stripped out the interior, salvaging as many original components and cabinets as possible in order to re-use.

Scott has reinforced the chassis frame in a key areas by welding steel bars in place. We have coated the entire chassis with rust-proof paint, and created a new solid subfloor.

We’re now starting to polish her exterior! Many, many hours of work are ahead of us with this but she is shining up so beautifully already!

Next, we will replace some fixtures, work on the belly pan, paint the interior white and get her registered within Victoria Australia. She will then be offered as a blank canvas for her new owner to fit out in their own personal style.

Check out our For Sale page for more information.